The one Payment solution every Provider needs during these uncertain times

How to equip your business with the tools it needs to stay ahead of the curve.

There’s no doubt we are living in uncertain times but that doesn’t mean you can’t equip your business with the tools needed to stay operational. With many people taking sick leave or working from home, providers like you may need a more automated solution to handle your claims payments and that’s where the electronic payment solutions from Zelis Payments can help.

With Zelis ACH, your payments are made directly into your account no matter who is in the office. Also, ACH payments are often deposited up to 20 days faster than mailed checks and that’s important since no one can be certain of the impact on manually delivered checks during this difficult time.

If you have multiple locations, our Smart Routing feature ensures that your data is delivered to the proper end points within your organization. This eliminates the time and resource consuming need to search for lost checks. In addition, our payments tracking solution includes fraud monitoring and advanced security protocols to safeguard both your data and payment.

Transparency and accessibility are extremely important in times of crisis. Providers that trust their electronic payments to Zelis payments have access to their information 24/7 via our online provider portal. Our free provider portal also enables you to:

  • Download and import electronic remittances directly into your practice management or accounting system via standard 835, CSV, and more
  • View, download and print your explanation of payment (EOP)
  • Export individual or all payments right into your accounting system
  • Search historical payments & claims up to 10 years back

Whether you are operating under normal circumstances or in crisis mode, Zelis Payments is focused on helping providers adapt to alternative working environments and ensure the smooth operation of their business. We’re committed to helping you navigate the difficult challenges ahead.

Don’t let difficult circumstances hold your practice back from success. Unleash it’s potential with Zelis ACH: