Getting Back to Business as Usual

Before the pandemic, it was business as usual for providers. Operations were running smoothly and fully staffed. They were handling a steady flow of patients from 8 AM – 5 PM every weekday. Once COVID-19 started to spread, everything changed.

Suddenly, unforeseen consequences were being felt in practices across the country. Now is the time for providers to adapt to their new environments. That’s why we created our eBook: Back to Business Unusual: A Guide to Help Providers Navigate the Payments Challenges Ahead.


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Here’s what you’ll learn:

Protecting Your Staff and Patients

Ensuring everyone goes home safe and healthy, every day is the number one priority. A critical part of that is finding ways to reduce interaction. Contactless trends that may have taken years to come to fruition have suddenly been catapulted into the mainstream, front and center.

Going remote is one of the best ways to protect your staff and patients. Walking into the bank to make deposits is quickly becoming a thing of the past.

Virtual visits are increasing in adoption as providers aim to limit potential exposure to the virus. “We’re 90% center-based patient care, and now we’ll pivot to 90% virtual appointments,” said Dr. Christopher Chen, CEO of ChenMed.


Maintaining Revenue Stability

Fearing they might be exposed, fewer patients are going to the doctor’s office to seek treatment for everyday medical issues. The decrease in patient volume causes disruption to your revenue cycle. And while you work to ramp up, you may find it challenging to manage billing and reconciliation as you are trying to get patients through the door.

By adopting EFT/ERA, you can keep your cashflow from payers steadily posting directly to your bank account. And it’s completely contactless. No touch – no problem. You can easily set up your clearinghouse or Practice Management System to import 835 data to settle accounts. This process is simple and can automate much of your back-end work.


Getting Back to Business as Usual

It may seem overwhelming when you think about how you will get your practice back up and running. If your staff was out of the office completely, mail may be piling up such as checks, EOPs and virtual card payments. You’ll need to get organized in order to start reconciling and sending out patient statements.
You’ll need to start thinking about contingency plans for increased absences caused by employee illness or illness in their family. Planning for absences should include extending hours, cross-training current employees or hiring temporary employees.


How Zelis Payments Can Help

There’s never been a better time to re-evaluate your claim reimbursement method. Like many legacy processes in healthcare, paper checks and Explanation of Payments (EOPs/835s) are ripe for digital transformation.

Your practice can become a contactless operation with Zelis Payments. Shifting from checks to automated clearing house (ACH) can result in significant improvements in efficiency, payment transparency and getting funds into your account more quickly and easily.

With Zelis ACH, there’s no need to come into the office or go to the bank. You can get paid weeks faster than mailed checks. And the cash settles straight into your account. No need to chase payments or data. Let Zelis Payments work for you.

While the healthcare payments landscape is ever changing, we know you can avoid obstacles with our solutions.


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Download our eBook for free: Download eBook for Free