Services for Providers

Zelis Payments offers two great options for practices looking to improve their cash flow, both of which provide 24 hour access to payment data via our secure online provider portal.

VRA® (Virtual Reimbursement Account)


VRA®, our virtual reimbursement account, is the most efficient way to maximize payment process for practices, facilities or health systems. VRA settles consolidated payments directly into your bank account via our FDIC insured depository partner.

What separates VRA from a standard ACH transaction? By enrolling in a VRA, providers can manage payments from multiple payers, and payer groups, who are currently sending you paper checks and remittances from a single account. VRA consolidates payment and remittance transactions and reduces administrative work required for enrollment and processing of electronic payments. As new payers join the Zelis Payments network, you’ll automatically have access to those payers and plans whom you currently accept.

With VRA You have Remittance Data Options:

Some direct settlement payments limit you to electronic remittance advice to an 835 file. With VRA, you have choices. Select from either 835 or Explanation of Payment (EOP) which are available in CSV, XLS, or PDF formats. (We even have paper if you want it!) VRA also offers a choice of remittance delivery method, including secure download, secure FTP or secure email.


Select - Virtual Payment Card

Select payments utilize a MasterCard-branded virtual payment card for delivery of payments. Card numbers and Explanations of Payment can either be delivered by fax or download from the Zelis Payments secure web portal. For those few that desire paper delivery, a USPS delivery is also available. The Provider enters the virtual payment card information into their merchant terminal to receive payment for that claim.

Delivery Options:

    • Fax —Providers receive a fax which contains the Explanation of Payment (EOP) and along with the virtual card information and payment instructions. One fax represents one claim payment.
    • Download —The download option delivers a CSV file containing all virtual card numbers and PDFs of Explanations of Payment (EOPs) via a single, daily download from the Zelis Payments secure, online Provider Portal. You’ll be notified by email when your daily batch is ready. Providers may also elect to download other file formats such as XLS and CSV or 835 data files.

Secure Online Provider Portal

All Zelis Payments products provide access to our secure online provider portal, a secure gateway that provides access to up to 10 years of payment data. Our portal allows you to quickly and easily investigate payment history by claim or patient and print or download data in various formats (835, CSV, XLS, or PDF).

Sercure Portal Dashboard

Dashboard provides a snapshot of your claim payments, allowing you to analyze payment trends.