Payments Business Unit Exceeds Provider Enrollment Record

The adoption of electronic payments has the potential to create real and impactful savings for healthcare payers and providers alike; however, providers must be willing to accept them first. At inception, Zelis’ payments offering was built on the belief that both payer and provider interests must be served for true success.

For this reason, Zelis uses a Provider-Centric model for provider enrollment with payments. Our model offers providers three choices in payment products, as well as multiple remittance data formats and delivery options. Unlike many of our competitors, we offer a true “opt-in” model, giving providers the power of choice.

We recently embarked on improving sales effectiveness for our Payments Provider Enrollment team by employing an award-winning sales training company, Sandler Training. Our team was introduced to a consultative methodology and active listening skills to better understand a provider’s current process, obstacles and pain points. Ultimately, our associates can better evaluate information and consult with the provider on the options available for payment and data formatting, taking on a trusted advisor role with providers.

“At Zelis, one of our most valuable assets is our associates. Investing in their training, growth and development translates to better service to our clients,” said Elias Nammour, Chief Operating Officer of our Payments business unit. “Ensuring the right fit for providers from the get go will help to increase provider retention.”

So far, the results are speaking for themselves. We just finished the month of March with record enrollment numbers – an estimated 4,000+ new provider enrollments. And complimentary feedback received from providers serves as testimony, as well.

One provider mentioned, “The Zelis associate was noteworthy in his knowledge, patience, willingness to provide excellent customer service and communication skills, both listening and explaining. He spoke with me at length and demonstrated not only a familiarity with Zelis’ processes, but also a deep understanding of how those processes affect our operations and costs.”

“We’re very encouraged by these initial results,” noted Jay Ver Hulst, President of our Payments business unit. “As reinforcement of this training progresses and as we begin to add more components to our approach, we will maximize adoption and positively impact our clients’ bottom line.”