Services for Hospitals & Health Systems

VRA® (Virtual Reimbursement Account)

Logo-VRAA VRA is the most efficient way to maximize payment process for facilities or health systems. VRA allows you to receive automated electronic payments from Payers who would normally send paper checks. With VRA, you gain efficiencies that help you reach a new level of productivity.

VRA offers a choice of direct Automated Clearinghouse (ACH) payments or MasterCard — delivered payments which settle into your bank account. The ACH aspect of VRA is CAQH CORE® certified, which ensures payments comply with ACA and HIPAA standards and operating rules.

VRA solves common administrative burdens health care, which helps organizations:

  • Realize Savings on Payment Processing —Eliminate fees associated with manual processes, which substantially reduces processing costs
  • Eliminate Manual Processes —VRA settles payments directly into your bank account—no more typing, swiping or manual processes; you’ll be notified instantly when payments settle
  • Automate Re-Association —Payments are settled as an ACH-CCD+ with a Re-association Trace Number, which can be automatically re-associated with the 835 within your system*
  • HIPAA Compliant —The ACH aspect of VRA is CAQH CORE® certified. so settled payments comply with ACA and HIPAA standards and operating rules.
  • Clean, balanced 835s — Zelis integrations within leading core administrative system enables us delivers clean, balanced 835s which helps you balance to the penny
  • Simplify Payment and Data Handling —Manage payments and data from multiple Payers, via one relationship with Zelis Payments


Smart Routing

Not all claim payments are delivered where they ultimately need to go within large, complex healthcare organizations. The resulting re-routing of those dollars and data inevitably leads to delays in reconciliation or balance billing —sometimes by as much as a month. Zelis Payments solves this problem with its Smart Routing. With Smart Payment and Data Routing, funds and data are routed electronically at preferred levels within the organization —speeding time to reconciliation and shortening the revenue cycle.

Secure Online Provider Portal

Membership in VRA provides access to our secure online provider portal, a secure gateway that provides access to up to 7 years of payment data. Our secure online provider portal allows you to quickly and easily investigate payment history by claim or patient and print or download data in various formats (835, CSV, XLS, or PDF).

For healthcare systems that manage multiple TINs, Zelis Payments offers a single sign-on portal account which allows for users to quickly and easily navigate between their system TINs via the portal dashboard.

Sercure Portal Dashboard

Dashboard provides a snapshot of your claim payments, allowing you to analyze payment trends.