Solutions for Healthcare Billing Management Companies

Zelis Payments has developed a suite of solutions specifically designed to help billing management companies streamline payment processing and maximize throughput.

Select Consolidated Virtual Payment Card

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The Select Consolidated card delivers aggregated payments, which reduces the number of cards that must be manually keyed into your terminal. These virtual MasterCard®-branded payments may be aggregated in two ways: by payer/by client or all payers delivered in a single transaction per client per day. Cards may be delivered by fax or download from our portal, and corresponding remittance data may be downloaded from the Zelis Payments portal in various EOP formats or as 835s

VRA (Virtual Reimbursement Account)

VRA® settles payments directly into your client’s specified bank account—eliminating the need for manual entry. VRA payments are aggregated to reduce the number deposits settled as an ACH-CCD+ to enable automatic re-association to the 835.

VRA offers a choice of an Automated Clearinghouse (ACH) or MasterCard®—backed payments, as well as, a choice of remittance data formats and delivery methods.

Single Sign-On Portal Account

Single Sign-on access allows billing companies access to all shared Zelis Payments provider clients and their associated TINs. Billing company agents are able to quickly and easily navigate between TINs via the portal dashboard.

  • Remittance advice can be downloaded as EOP (PDF, CSV, XLS) or aggregated 835s
  • Multiple users may be set up with varying permissions
  • Users may search up to seven years of past payment history by claim or patient


Did you know?
Zelis Payments goes a step beyond to deliver aggregated, balanced and detailed 835s which aid in fast, accurate reconciliation of remittance data to claim payments.

To read about our process, click on the graphic to enlarge.

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Zelis Payments is 100% committed to client satisfaction. All services are backed by award-wining client service, and our responsive, knowledgeable team of payment experts is ready to answer questions and provide technical assistance. You could say that we are “zealous” about service.

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