How to Use Select

Whether you have chosen to receive your Explanation of Payment (EOP) and payment card through the means of a paperless download via our secure portal or a faxed copy, below are instructions for each process. You may download and print these payment processing instructions. If you need further assistance, please contact our Client Service Team at 877-828-8770.

Select with fax delivery

Select with download delivery

Consolidated payment delivery

Quick Tips and Troubleshooting

For your convenience, we have compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions and troubleshooting tips to guide you with Select.

Quick tips and troubleshooting guide

Tips for Success

)) Your Select payment card requires manual entry. )))))) If you are processing via a card terminal, follow the steps for manual card entry that accompany the payment card.

  • If prompted for a zip code, use 33764
  • If prompted for a street address, use 18167

If you are using a processing software or an application (such as Square), refer to the software vendor’s instructions for processing cards manually.

Verify that your Merchant Category Code (MCC) identifies you as a healthcare provider.
  • Merchant accounts are assigned a specific MCC to identify merchants by industry.
  • To prevent fraud and misuse, Select payment cards may only be processed by merchants who fall within specific healthcare provider MCCs.
If your card is denied, please follow these troubleshooting steps:
  • Verify that the card numbers and other needed card information was entered correctly.
  • Determine if the card has already been processed. If you would like to verify your card balance or check if your card has been processed, please call 877-828-8770.
  • Verify that the card is not past its expiration date. Cards must be processed within 30 days of the date of issuance. After 30 days, the card is cancelled and a check is issued.
  • Have you voided a transaction? Please note that a voided transaction takes 7 business days and a payment reversal takes 2 business days for the funds to be returned to the card.