Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Registration & Setup

    How do I get started?

    Register with Zelis Payments
    In order to start the enrollment process, you must register as a Zelis Payments member. Registration is easy, just click the Join Today button and click Sign Up Now on the login page.

    Registration can be done by using one of two options:

    1. I Don’t Have A Registration Code —Use this option if you have never received a payment from Zelis Payments. A registration code will be sent via text, email or fax, depending on the method you choose. Use the registration code along with your to TIN and NPI to access QuickPay to set up your account and enroll in your selected product options.
    2. I Have a Registration Code —Use this option if you received a Zelis Payment that included a unique registration code. Use the registration code along with your to TIN and NPI to access QuickPay to set up your account and enroll in your selected product options.



    Select your product options
    After initial registration, You will be directed to the QuickPay Provider Portal for the first time. There you will be required to select a payment method, data delivery method, and optional notification methods. Our easy-to-follow enrollment tool will guide you through the process.

    Follow the steps in your confirmation email

    Once you have completed the registration, you will receive an email confirming enrollment, which outlines the next steps to take.

    What information will I need?

    In order to enroll in VRA®, you must confirm that you are authorized to set up credit/debit transactions for your practice’s bank account. You will also need the following information to join our payment network and enroll to receive payments:

    1. 9 digit Federal Tax Identification Number (TIN) or Employer Identification Number (EIN)
    2. 10 digit National Provider Identifier (NPI)
    3. Practice’s corporate name and principal information
    4. Bank account routing transit number (RTN) or ABA Routing Number

    How long will the new process take to get set up?

    The length of time between enrollment and account activation is dependent on your account selections. In most cases, a Select account takes less than 24 hours and a VRA takes about 3-4 days.

    What is involved in the implementation?

    After completing your membership information and selecting your payment preference, you will receive a confirmation email, which outlines the next steps to take (if any).

    • If you have chosen our Select product, there is nothing else to do. All future payments will be delivered automatically using your payment preference, and the EOP data will be available on the web portal. Your designated contacts will receive notification of payment receipt via email, fax or text.
    • If you have chosen our VRA product, a pre-note debit/credit verification will need to be completed before we begin depositing payments into your bank account. This process typically takes 4-5 days to complete. To help expedite the process. we’ll send you an ACH/EFT form for you to provide to your bank which contains instructions for your bank, which will ensure the pre-note process goes smoothly. After the pre-note, we will send you a Welcome Kit which also contains a bank account verification form, which you will need to complete and submit to Zelis Payments.
  • Practice Management & Staffing

    Will this change the current process?

    Yes, this will make your current process more efficient and easier to manage. Zelis Payments consolidates payments into a single deposit by Payer and aggregates all Payer data into a single file containing all claim transactions for that day. There is no disputing the improvement that electronic payments have over paper checks. By utilizing electronic posting files, your process will not only change, it will get better! If you decide to receive the paper EOP, you will have the benefit of a standard EOP across all Payers on our system.

    Am I required to have Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) capability?

    No. Additional software and hardware are not needed to access your payment and remittance platforms. You need only access the internet to receive remittance advice via our secure portal.

    Will electronic payments require my staff to have specific skill sets?

    There are no special skills required to view Zelis Payments data via our easy to use on-line portal. Simple PC and Internet skills are all that are required to work with Zelis Payments.

    We already get payments from clearinghouses and CMS. Can you combine your files with files we currently receive from our clearinghouse?

    Unfortunately, this cannot be done. However, we can pass data to your preferred clearinghouse if you wish. This option may be selected during the enrollment process.

  • Equipment & Requirements

    What kind of equipment is needed?

    To begin with the Zelis Payments system, you will need a computer or other electronic device with an internet connection.

    If you are using Select, you will need to verify that your credit card terminal/merchant account was assigned a merchant category code (MCC) which identifies you as a healthcare provider. To prevent fraud and misuse, Select cards may only be processed by merchants who fall within specific healthcare MCCs.

  • Receiving / Obtaining EOPs and 835s

    How will I receive remittance data?

    You will receive your remittance data in the format option you selected (835, PDF, Paper, XLS or CSV) via the delivery method you selected (email, FTPs, Clearinghouse, fax, print or download). You may also login to our QuickPay portal to research and download remittance data at any time.

    What is QuickPay?

    QuickPay is Zelis Payments’ secure online portal for payments and data. With QuickPay, access to your payment history is right at your fingertips! The QuickPay portal is a secure gateway that provides access to up to 7 years of payment data.

    How long will our records be stored on QuickPay?

    Records are stored for 7 years. During this time you may elect to download and archive records on your own systems if a longer retention period is required.

  • Security

    What kind of risk is there with electronic payment?

    While there is risk in anything, the risk of using electronic payments is minimal due to the fact that electronic payments are traceable at any moment. Unlike the current system of utilizing the US Postal Service, there is an electronic signature attached to the electronic payment process which is always traceable as it moves through our systems and the Federal Reserve.

    The Zelis Payments electronic payments platform utilizes the most rigorous controls and operational procedures. All files are encrypted and transactions are executed in a secure environment.

    Who will have access to my financial information?

    Only Zelis Payments and those who you designate within your practice will have access to information stored within your portal account. Since Zelis Payments makes payments on behalf of Payers, your bank information remains securely with us and is never shared with Payers.

    How do you ensure that my financial information is secure?

    Zelis Payments is committed to keeping physician information confidential and secure and fully complies with all laws and regulations relating to the privacy of individually identifiable health information. A password-protected, encrypted website ensures that only your authorized staff views your data.

    How secure is my data?

    The Zelis Payments system data is encrypted at the server level. We are fully HIPAA security compliant.

  • Account Verification/Welcome Kit

    Why did I receive a Welcome Kit?

    Once the pre-note verification for your VRA account is complete, Zelis Payments will send you a Welcome Kit to familiarize you with the benefits of Zelis Payments and our QuickPay portal.

    The Welcome Kit also contains an account verification form to verify the bank account associated with your account as well as your identity. Please complete the form and follow the submission instructions.

  • Banking

    Can we maintain our existing banking relationships?

    Yes, Zelis Payments is designed to work with any financial institution. All account information is entered directly into our secure Provider Registration Portal. Bank information is encrypted and only visible to you.

    How do I change bank accounts/switch banks?

    Zelis Payments makes it easy to manage your banking relationships without the challenge of notifying all of your claims Payers. Bank account information may only be accessed by those designated within your organization with authority to work in the Zelis Payments system. Updating your banking information through our web portal automatically updates all payments to you from all of our Payer entities.

    How many financial institutions do you work with nationally?

    Zelis Payments moves all funds via our strategic banking partner, UMB Bank, NA.. Through UMB, and the Federal Reserve, we have connections to all banking institutions without exception.

    What if I want to cancel the Zelis Payments automated deposits?

    Contact Zelis Payments Client Service and notify them you no longer wish to continue with automated deposits. We will work with you to move you to one of our other electronic payment methods.